Slavery and the University: Open Forum

Tuesday 12 Nov 2019, Lecture Room 2 (8 Mill Lane), 11:00-13:00.

This open forum is an extension of Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa’s Undergraduate Sociology paper “SOC 11: Race, Racism and Ethnicity”. The event is supported by Decolonise Sociology and will be led by Prof Manuel Barcia from the University of Leeds.

While Universities across the world have been taking steps to investigate their connections to the slave trade, Prof Barcia argues that these efforts should go beyond the headline issue.

In an article for HuffPost UK, he said: “The issue here is that the slave trade is but one aspect of a potential dark past that could have also included any kind of involvement in colonial wars, drug trafficking.”

“While the slave trade remains high on the agenda, colonialism and imperialism more broadly are aspects of this past that need to be addressed sooner or later.”

To prepare for this open forum and inform the discussion, attendees are encouraged to read around these issues in addition to drawing from their own experience. The articles below have been selected by Prof Barcia and Dr Figueroa and are “recommended readings” for this session.

News articles for discussion:

You can find more information about the Cambridge Legacies of Slavery Inquiry on their website.

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