Kalwant Bhopal: Social justice, exclusion and white privilege in universities

Video: Annual Equality Lecture with Professor Kalwant Bhopal: Social justice, exclusion and white privilege in universities (you can also read a summary of this lecture).

Kalwant Bhopal is a Professor of Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham. This lecture examines recent evidence on the representation of BME staff and students in higher education to explore how racism, exclusion and marginalisation continue to disadvantage these groups.

Prof Bhopal’s research focuses on the achievements and experiences of minority ethnic groups in education. She has conducted research on exploring discourses of identity and intersectionality examining the lives of Black minority ethnic groups as well as examining the marginal position of Gypsies and Travellers. Her research specifically explores how processes of racism, exclusion and marginalisation operate in predominantly white spaces with a focus on social justice and inclusion. She is Visiting Professor at Harvard University in the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Visiting Professor at Kings College London (Department of Education and Professional Studies). Her most recent book, White Privilege: the myth of a post-racial society was published in 2018 by Policy Press (summary available on LSE Review of books) .

Read more from Prof Bhopal on this topic in The Conversation:

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