Help build a case against racism

Our stories together can help build a case to end racism at Cambridge.

In 2018, Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa and Dr Ella McPherson launched the “End Everyday Racism” project with three aims in mind. The first was to generate knowledge about how everyday racism works in a higher education institution, specifically the University of Cambridge. The second was to inform the work of student and staff antiracist activism in the University pushing the agenda for institutional change, and the third, to test reporting technology for advocacy research.

This university was more bothered about covering the incident up to maintain a “spotless” reputation, than it was about tackling racism, sexism, or homophobia.

Racial harassment in higher education: our inquiry (EHRC)

Using the website below, you can document your experiences as they happen – in college, offices, lectures, supervisions, dorms, departments and laboratories – to add to a collective of stories from around campus. Reporting is anonymous and this project complies with the code of ethics of the British Sociological Association.

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