Reading Group (Fri 5th April)

Decolonise Sociology and the Race, Empire & Education Collective invite you to our first joint reading group session, focusing on the life of Angela Davis. The session will be on Friday 5th April from 2-4pm in Meeting Room 1, Department of Sociology, 16 Mill Lane. You can find the readings for this session below.

Required: Angela Davis “An Autobiography” (Note you need to zoom out to view both pages). Also available here.

Part 5: “Walls” (pp 283-346)

Suggested: Angela Davis “Are_Prisons_Obsolete?” Also available here.

Chapter 4: “How Gender Structures the Prison System” (pp 60-83)

Chapter 5: “The Prison Industrial Complex” (pp 84-104)

Please spread the word and invite others who you think may be interested! You can join the event on Facebook.



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