The Undisciplined Readers (Lent 2022)

Our decolonise sociology reading group “The Undisciplined Readers” will be starting on Friday 28th Jan at 12:30- 1:30pm UK.

This term we are excited to be collaborating with artists and academics from “Monumentoclasm: workshop in anti-colonial imagination” for this term. We will be meeting bi-weekly to discuss pre-circulated texts. 

Meetings and Readings

Friday 28th Jan (12:30pm) – De Sousa Santos – “Some theses on decolonizing history

Friday 11th Feb (12:30pm) – Claire Debucquois, “Red Hands: Copper, Tin, Paint, Poems, Plants” and selected poems by Derek Walcott

Friday 25th Feb (12:30pm) – Sellie, A., Goldstein, J., Fair, M. et al. “Interference Archive: a free space for social movement culture“.

Friday 11th March (12:30pm) – Denise Ferreira da Silva – “On Difference Without Separability” 

Please email ip290 to receive the pdfs and zoom link. Everyone is welcome to join!
Looking forward to discussing these texts together!!🤓 📚

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