End Climate Colonialism (Green Week 2020)

This year’s Green Week is full of exciting events exploring the historic relationship between capitalism, colonialism, and the climate crisis.

These events seek to centre the voices of the communities most impacted by extractivism and climate breakdown, and amplify their demands for justice. We will discuss what meaningful climate justice looks like, and how we can build powerful campaigns for changed routed in solidarity.

You can join End Climate Colonialism: Green Week 2020 on Facebook.

Monday 10th Feb, ‘A just(ice) transition: building a decolonial vision of tomorrow‘ (6.30-8.30pm, Barbara White Room, Newnham College)

The transition to a renewable economy must dismantle neocolonial extractivism and empower communities on the frontlines of climate breakdown. In this panel discussion, we will learn from communities directly resisting the expansion of the extractive economy and developing alternatives that embody social, ecological and climate justice. We will consider the UK’s central role as a financial hub for extractive industries and what campaigners in the UK can best do to act in solidarity with frontline communities.

Tuesday 11th Feb, ‘Environmental Justice Movements and their Histories‘ (6.30-8pm, Barbara White Room, Newnham College)

Beyond campaigning for change within our University, the urgency of the climate crisis requires us to engage with climate justice campaigns on a larger scale; at the national and global level. Frontline communities have been resisting extractivism and the fossil fuel industry for decades, and therefore it is in these communities, predominantly in the global south, where the climate justice movement originated. This event will begin with a brief history of the environmental movement, with our attention on the activism of frontline communities. It is crucial to situate in history the campaigns which we get involved with and help to shape today, because if we are to act in solidarity with frontline communities, we must ensure that their voices remain at the centre of our own activism. This event will feature speakers from current environmental groups, who will explain the work they do, and inspire us to get involved.

Wednesday 12th Feb, ‘The Climate Crisis, the nation and neo-colonialism‘ (6.30-7.45pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College)

Britain’s militarism is deeply tied to its complicity in the climate crisis, from the consumption of fossil fuels to its involvement in international energy conflicts. In this event, speakers will discuss the ways the climate crisis is tied to British militarism, its intersections with other issues and how we can organise to stop it.

Friday 14th Feb, ‘A Workshop on Climate Grief; Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa and the Sustaining All Life Collective’ (6-7.30pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College)

Sunday 16th Feb, ‘Eco-fascism: Resisting the far right’ (5-7pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College)

Green Week 2020 has been organised by CUSU Ethical Affairs in collaboration with People & Planet, who work with student groups across the UK to demand Universities acknowledge their institutional complicity and take action for climate justice.

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