Dog Years (2017)

“Every-day here is like Dog Years, you experience the full range of human emotion, sometimes in a single hour..”

Join us on Thurs 17 Oct, 20:00 at the Old Library (Darwin College) for a screening of the powerful documentary film about the 2015 “refugee crisis”, Dog Years, featuring Noam Chomsky.  The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers, Rocky Rodriguez, Jr., and Helen Foster, moderated by Cambridge sociologist Dr. Jeff Miley.

Heart-warming, inspiring, thought provoking and at times intense; Dog Years is made for the people that were there, on or around the front lines of the European refugee crisis. The people that have faced it, experienced it, cried over it, cared about it, researched it. It is a film for the person who may have been a refugee before, for the person whose parents were refugees, and for the person who is a refugee now.

It’s for the people that have questions, have compassion, and want to hear answers. It’s for the hordes of volunteers who have answered the call, creating one of the largest expressions of solidarity in all of history. For people left with emotional scars, whose lives have been drastically changed. For everyone who has helped a person, or wants to help people. For the revolutionary, for society, for solidarity.

Dog Years will show you the truth of the effect the crisis has had on real people, tell you their stories, help you feel the human connection and the authenticity in people who have experienced these events.

Containing rare footage and interviews with the people who were there, juxtaposed with expert analysis and debate from UK Politicians, Harvard professors, Cambridge professors, UNHCR /MSF coordinators, and internationally renowned writer Noam Chomsky, help uncover the facts about the refugee situation.

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