Termcard (Michaelmas 2019)

Join us for the first session of the Decolonise Sociology Committee on Friday 11 October @ 1pm in Room E (17 Mill Lane)

Required reading:The role of Sociology in the Climate Crisis: Our Teaching” (5 mins)

Think especially about the “starting points for discussion” and how we can raise the visibility of the problem of climate change and what the Department and the discipline can do to develop solutions.

Recommended viewing: “I want you to panic: Greta Thunberg issues climate warning at Davos” (3 mins) and “Wake up, Freak Out – then get a grip” (12 mins).

After the meeting we will go to the book panel with the authours of “A FLY Girl’s Guide to University: Being a women of colour at Cambridge and other intitutions of power and elitism”. Read the event details at: https://www.sociology.cam.ac.uk/fly-girls-book-panel

The next meetings of the Decolonise Sociology Committee will be on Friday 1 November and Friday 22 November, also at 1pm in Room E, 17 Mill Lane.

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