Mutiny: A story of Black British WW1 veterans

Around a third of the manpower drawn upon by Great Britain to fight in the first world war came from the colonies in India, Asia and Africa. Featuring testimony from Black British WW1 veterans, Mutiny tells the story of a dramatic shift from loyal volunteers for King and Empire in 1914 to a new Black pride and civil rights struggle and mutiny by the war’s end.

You can find a trailer and resource pack online, and watch the full documentary on Amazon Prime.

This resource has been produced by Sweet Patootee, a collaboration between Rebecca Goldstone and Tony T to bring inspiring, compelling and diverse stories of real people to an international audience. Their work is underpinned by the belief that people from all backgrounds have stories that deserve to be heard. “We don’t do unemotional academic history, because for us history is personal. You’ll see that in our work with East Enders of London for example, Caribbean First World War veterans and the people who lived through the Singapore Mutiny in 1915.”

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